The services we offer:

Vaccination and Preventative care

We offer full range of preventative services including vaccination, blood, urine, fecal testing, spay, neuter surgery, screening for hip dysplasia and much more. Our Well Care Program is specifically designed to cover all aspects of preventative care for dogs and cats of all ages. It provides best wellness medicine for your pet and value for you. 

Surgical and Dental Procedures

Newest surgical and anesthetic equipment provides for routine and advanced surgeries. Our anesthesia is monitored by sophisticated equipment and designated trained professionals the same way it is monitored in human hospitals. We use the safest anesthetic protocols and anesthetics to have that extra margin of safety for any patient we treat.

Radiology and Ultrasound Services

On-site X-ray and Dental X-ray equipment provides high quality digital radiography to aid in the diagnosis of many conditions. The use of newest technology allows us to share images seamlessly with veterinary consultants if necessary.  We work closely with top veterinary ultrasound specialists and radiologists. These board certified experts travel to our office on a regular basis to provide advanced ultrasound imaging consultations.  


In-house veterinary laboratory equipment helps us to detect changes in your pet's blood and urine within minutes. We also use outside laboratory for advanced and routine testing.   

International Health Certificates

Our USDA accredited veterinarians issue international health certificates, so you can travel the world with you pet.